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Digital Forensics

Thorough investigation, confident response, complete recovery are the fundamentals principles of Merimetso's digital forensics practice. Provided by world recognised leading an independent team of Cybersecurity experts, professional educators, digital forensic investigators, and cyber incident responders.

Merimetso can forensically analyse any digital artefacts. We can perform computer forensic on Hard-Drives (MHD, SSD), Phones and Smart Devices, USB Devices, Sat Nav, Embedded Devices and IoT.

When it comes to Digital Forensics, trust in the expert is paramount. Whether working with law enforcement, a major global enterprise, local manufacture and small local business, we treat every Digital Forensic engagement scientifically to ensure that we identify, capture and preserve all evidence as we assume that our expert witnesses will be required to support that evidence in court. 

Our Cybersecurity experts have decades of experience across every industry, and our rigorous rules of evidence management mean you can trust any evidence that we collect if required in court.

Rules of Evidence Management

Cybersecurity Executive Awareness

Forensic Readiness


Customer documents and tests their set of policies and procedures relating to incident detection, incident response, incident management and computer forensics.

Cybersecurity Executive Awareness

Scene of Crime Management


This is a stage concerned with evidence identification, prioritisation and acquisition. It is the process where we begin a chain of custody.

Cybersecurity Executive Awareness

Investigation and Analysis


This is where we analyse the evidence and construct a timeline of activates.

Cybersecurity Executive Awareness



This is writing up our findings in a forensically sound manner. In essence, we always write an expert-witness report. This means that our collected evidence can be relied on in a court of law.

Our Experts

Dr Andrew Blyth

"IOT Forensics"

Dr Andrew Blyth

"Advanced Evasion Techniques"

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