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Job Position Application

Trainee Cybersecurity Consultant

Worcester, UK

Merimetso was founded in 2019. Our founders have over 75 years of combined cybersecurity professional experience building a successful business and expanding the research in this space, as well as creating, setting and maintaining industry recognised standards. Our team is growing fast and we are looking for a talented, reliable, creative problem solver with analytic skills, attention to detail and great communication skills. At Merimetso, we believe that curiosity, critical thinking, resilience and lifelong learning are the fundamental attributes of great cybersecurity professional. Whether you are new to cyber, mid-career looking for a change or a seasoned professional with a desire to be challenged in a new arena, Merimetso offers expert tuition, mentorship and consultancy to help you reach your potential.

  • No experience or qualification is required for this position. If you are right for the role we can turn you into a world-class offensive, defensive or development security specialist. You will work alongside mentors and colleagues that will accelerate your career.

  • Break into one of the world's fastest-growing and most rewarding industries.

  • Get on the job real-world training from the world's most talented and respected cybersecurity professionals.

As a Trainee Cybersecurity Consultant, you will work alongside and learn from the foremost experts in penetration testing, defence monitoring, cybersecurity engineering and digital forensics. You will receive the required cybersecurity training and mentorship from our senior consultancy team. You will be required to complete customer and internal related projects.

Role and Daily Duties:

  • Working with your mentor you will be required to: 

  • Complete the required training programs.

  • Demonstrate you have undertaken proactive independent learning.

  • Submit a self-assessment of your learning. Reflect on your career pathway.

  • You will join group-based penetration testing, working alongside some of the most highly experienced and qualified testers.

  • Spend time working with and on projects directly related to Merimetso’s core mission.

  • Spend time working directly with client relationships through our sales and account managers.


Skills and Experience Required:

  • No formal qualification or skills are required, although knowledge and experience in computer networking, programming and security will be considered an advantage.

  • However, we will be assessing candidates on fit through an interview process.

You must be:

  • An Analytical thinker

  • Reliable

  • Able to manage your time and workload

  • Have great attention to detail

  • Be a Creative problem solver

  • Great interpersonal Skills

  • Eager Learner

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