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Merimetso Cybersecurity Self Assessment

Our team has spent decades as ethical hackers, security architects, academics and trusted advisors to governments, law enforcement and private business.

The line between our work and the personal digital world is almost non-existent. We believe our job is to ensure your employees, partners, and customers are as safe as possible when using any technology that may impact your business. Our industry uses fear as the primary motivator to make a change, but our experience has taught us that the best way to improve our customers' cybersecurity is to remove the jargon and statistics, help our customers see where they are doing well and guide them on what actions will make the most improvement in the shortest time for the lowest cost.

The first step is a short questionnaire to assess areas where you are doing well and could improve.



  • Cybersecurity is a practice.

  • The basics are the most important.

  • Help other by teaching them what you have learnt.

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