Malware Reverse Engineering

Malware Reverse Engineering

Malware attacks have been some of the most devastating cyber attacks over the last few years. With the prevalence of malware-as-a-service delivering ransomware, remote access Trojan tools and other exploits that seek to steal either computer resources for mining crypto currencies or intellectual property, malware is rife.

This course will teach you the methodology of reverse engineering malware and to understand what these exploits are seeking to achieve, thus informing you of the best post-breach and mitigation strategies for your organisation. In addition, it’s a very interesting area of study and will provide you with the foundation skills to succeed in an exciting and fast-moving sector of the cyber security industry.

Who is it for?

This course is open to everyone; however, it is of particular interest to those who work, or wish to work, in an incident response capacity in the cyber security field.


A certificate of attendance will be awarded to attendees who successfully complete all elements of the course.


No assessment is included in this course.

Skills Covered

  • Compiler and debugger tool chains
  • Static and dynamic reference engineering
  • Machine code (x86)
  • Reverse engineering for Linux
  • Reverse engineering for Windows
  • Memory management
  • Static and dynamic analysis


This is a foundation course and is fast paced, but it is open to everyone.  A basic understanding of operating system kernel functions as well as software and how it is compiled would be advantageous, but some pre-reading will be suggested to provide foundation knowledge for all attendees.

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All Merimetso courses are rooted in instructor led mentorship to ensure that no one attending gets left behind in the subject matter and all attendees receive the practical support they need to succeed.
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