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Incident Response and Security Operation Courses

Learn the principles and practices of Incident Management and Incident Response. Become a valued member of a Cybersecurity (SOC) Security Operation Centre.
Planning is essential. Knowing how to design and run a Security Operations Centre (SOC) and respond quickly when something goes wrong is a unique skill for a security professional. Learn from experts with years of experience designing, building, and operating a highly effective SOCS and respond when faced with a potential security breach.


Defence Monitoring Team Leader

Gain experience and mentorship from some of the foremost experts in SOC leadership. Learn techniques and skills that will make you a great SOC leader and help push your SOC to its peak performance to safeguard your organisation.


Defence Monitoring Team Member

Every SOC needs highly skilled operators and analyst that can recognise a pending or current breach or attack. In the DMTM you will gain the required skills to recognise and stop an attack and support the IR team in assessing the impact.


Incident Management and Incident Response

To demonstrate and evaluate a systematic understanding of the principles and practices associated with Incident Management and Incident Response. Critically discuss and analyse the issues associated with incident management and incident response.


Security Operation Centre Architecture

Learn the principles of SOC design, the technology, skills, processes, and procedures that are fundamental to creating a SOC and how to get the best value from the SOC for your organisation.

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