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Looking at the Water

Corporate Awareness

The core principle of this course is to create a strong understanding and awareness of the impact of cybersecurity in your home, socially and in the workplace. The students will be guided through a highly interactive course by our experienced cybersecurity professionals. Our educators have spent their careers investigating cybercrime, working as professional cybersecurity consultants on major cybersecurity projects for private organisations and governments.

The cybersecurity awareness course will address aspects of your organisation’s industry, policies, corporate structure, and the broader impact of cybercrime. This makes the risks of cybersecurity more relevant to the students and ensures that they can apply the risk mitigation strategies they learn in the class.


Cybersecurity Executive Awareness

Leading your organisation means taking responsibility for assessing and mitigating risk. You will learn what cybersecurity risks face you, your team, your business and your industry with practical demonstration and opportunities to practice what you have learned.


Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity impacts you at work and home. Merimetso will teach you techniques and practices to keep you and your family safe from a cyber attack. These skills will directly contribute to the security of your organisation.

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