Founder and COO

Campbell Murray is an established global leader in the field of information security.  With over 25 years of experience ranging from offensive security assessments and security engineering in a vast range of environments providing Campbell with a rare detail of insight into the fields of cybersecurity.

Campbell established himself as a penetration testing consultant in 2000, having left a related Government career, and formed CISC Ltd.  In 2006 CISC Ltd merged with Corporate Solutions Ltd to form Encription Ltd.  In 2016 Encription Ltd was acquired by BlackBerry and Campbell held the position of Global Head of Cybersecurity Services at BlackBerry for 4 years until deciding to focus on Merimetso.  

A firm believer in knowledge transfer, Campbell was a founding director of the TigerScheme in 2007 and the Cyber Scheme in 2013 where he is now the chair of the technical panel and is one of only five GCHQ appointed CHECK Team Leader assessors and previously led on the GCHQ VT scheme operating within the UK military and intelligence services.


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