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Our Mission

Our Corporate Mission

Estimates currently range in the tens to hundreds of thousands of cyber roles unable to be filled worldwide due to a shortage of skills. This skills shortage; both the lack of qualified graduates and existing “experienced!!” security professional is having a very serious impact on industry’s ability to deal with the escalating impact of cybercrime and the governments ability to evolve and modernise their economies to take advantage of this growing sector.

We are creating the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. Encompassing:

  • New entrants to the profession
  • Those professionals entering the IT profession with some aptitude for the industry
  • Current IT professionals expanding their skills to security
  • Security professionals mid-career looking to advance and update

A practice-based approach with expert mentoring is the best way to fill this major skills gap and develop the experience industry needs, efficiently. The education sector has, on the whole withdrawn from the idea of mentorship and hands on learning as a means of education in favour of academic tuition within a one size fits all model. We know from over 20 years of experience that cybersecurity requires adaptive, lateral and imaginative thinking combined with constant refreshing and hands on exposure to the latest tools, technologies and techniques to be an effective security partner.

Our foundation is the belief that continuous education and mentorship is at the core of delivering true value for our customers. Delivering a security solution or service must come with some independence for the customer in order for security be truly realised. In that spirit, we offer, not only the skills of our consultants to solve, assess or design and architect a more secure organisation, we also train and mentor your team to build upon that work. Giving you the skills, experience and confidence needed to make continuous improvement and adjustments so that you are confident to make the necessary decisions as owners and experts of your business.


Mike Woodhead, CTO, White Label consulting

“After previously attending a course taught by Merimetso, I decided to enrol on the IoT course offered by Merimetso. I can't honestly think of a better course, both from a content and delivery perspective. Their knowledge is second to none and when coupled with their excellent approach to transferring the information, the value is enhanced much further. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.“

Thomas Owen, Head of Security & Business Services, Memset Ltd

“At Memset we made extensive use of Merimetso's training and consultancy services.  We always found the level, range and detail of the technical training to be a clear cut above the rest, as well as being optimised for the specific needs and ability levels of the group.  We honestly feel as though we were regularly given 'freebies' as the most impactful elements were invariably the 'extra-curricular' bits given after the (excellent) core content was successfully delivered.

In additional, the breadth and depth of Merimetro's experience in the security arena meant that we could always rely on them for a useful, valid and often novel insight to a situation or problem we were experiencing, whether through a water-cooler chat, pen test engagement or formal consultancy.

Easily one of the most impactful third party relationships we maintain.”

FC, Co-CEO, Cygenta
“Cygenta were delighted with the training provided by Merimetso. We chose Merimetso due to their proven track record, in-depth knowledge and personable, patient training staff and we were not disappointed. The trainers were able to answer and explain in detail any question brought up during the course as well as show examples using their practical lab machines.”


Our world-class team

David Mound

David Mound is a highly experienced Principal Cyber Security Researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the Computer & Network Security industry along with Threat Intelligence.

Campbell Murray

Campbell Murray is an established global leader in the field of information security. With over 25 years of experience ranging from offensive security assessments and security engineering in a vast range of environments providing Campbell with a rare detail of insight into the fields of Cybersecurity.

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