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At Merimetso, we believe that curiosity, critical thinking, resilience and lifelong learning are the fundamental attributes of great cybersecurity professional. Whether you are new to cyber, mid-career looking for a change or a seasoned professional with a desire to be challenged in a new arena, Merimetso offers expert tuition, mentorship and consultancy to help you reach your potential.

Merimetso's Pedagogy

Hundreds of thousands of cyber roles go unfilled worldwide due to skills shortages*. The lack of qualified graduates and experienced security professionals severely impacts the industry's ability to deal with the escalating impact of cybercrime and on governments to evolve and modernise their economies to take advantage of this growing sector.​We believe that a practical approach with expert mentoring is the best way to fill this significant skills gap and develop the industry's experience. The education sector has withdrawn from the idea of mentorship, and hands-on learning as a means of education in favour of academic tuition within a one size fits all model. Our combined 50 years of experience shows that cybersecurity requires adaptive, lateral and imaginative thinking combined with constant refreshing and hands-on exposure to the latest tools, technologies and techniques to be an effective security partner.​Our foundation belief is that continuous education and mentorship is the core of delivering the best for our customers. Providing a security solution or service must come with some independence for security to be truly realised. In that spirit, we offer not only the skills of our consultants to solve, assess, design and architect a more secure organisation, we also train and mentor your team to build upon that work. We are giving you the skills, experience and confidence needed to make continuous improvements and adjustments to make the strategic decisions as owners and experts of your business.


Benefits of Learning from a Professional.

Practical Skills to succeed in a growing industry

Learn the frameworks, techniques and methodologies of a "bad actor" to prepare you for the real world of cyber outside of the classroom.

Shared Knowledge and Language

Develop a shared knowledge and understanding of how to exploit vulnerabilities, design securely and develop the skills needed to be a trusted consultant or professional in the growing cybersecurity industry.

Network with your peers

Work with and learn from others in your group, building new networks to mentor and learn throughout your new career.

Learn with a Mentor

The most outstanding teachers have learned from experience and take advantage of that experience to get job-ready as quickly as possible.

Learning is Fun

Get your hands dirty testing some real-world examples of customer environments. We believe the best way to learn is through experience.

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