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At Merimetso we will scope the work to meet your specific needs and deliver to exacting standards that leave the competition far, far behind us in quality of expertise, delivery and knowledge.

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What is a Merimetso?

Merimetso’ is the Finnish word for the sea bird known in English as the Cormorant. We are passionate about the sea, and the original founders of Merimetso have a long maritime background. When we were looking for a name for our idea, we looked to our pasts.

In Nordic legend, a mariner seeing a Cormorant would recognise it as being the soul of a lost but fellow mariner who has come to watch over them, and so Merimetso became the name behind our idea.

It represents not only our history, but also our passion for protecting your data and systems. Our commitment is also to educating the next generation of cyber professionals, sharing our experience and knowledge of methods that actually work.

Our Cormorant is called Eric, by the way. If you see him when you are at sea, say "Hi!"
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